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    Welcome to all new members of Shadow Evolution, today was the day Shadow Evolution was created, your guild master (GM) is Richard Goldvane. We are looking for people level 10+. Everyone is officer so we are looking at everyone to help recruit. Hopefully you will have fun in this guild and you will show that by adding pictures in the gallery in the top right-hand corner. Thanks for joining! 
Game News

Cannon Defence Ready For Action

Davy Goldhawk, Jul 5, 10 10:06 PM.

Cannon Fort

It may sound strange but it's true.  The Navy has installed new Cannon Defense outposts on Fort Charles in Port Royal, in the Tortuga Graveyard on Tortuga and Fort Dundee in Padres Del Fuego to fend off renegade Bandits.  Keep an eye out for the special red and white flag with the cannon logo on it. You can also use the Minimap (press 'F8') to locate Navy cannon outposts on Port Royal and Padres Del Fuego.

These loathsome Bandits have been stealing gold and we must defend our town's wealth!  The Navy can't handle these powerful cannons because they're too inexperienced, so it's up to us savvy Pirates!  These Cannon Defense outposts are equipped with 12 exciting new Navy ammo types like, Target Shot that tracks your cannon balls and floating Mines that shred enemy hulls.  So get to the Cannon Defense forts and sink the invading Bandits - and ye will be handsomely rewarded. 

Up to four Pirates can play in a single game. See how long you can last against the Bandits. If all the town's wealth is gone, the game is over. You will receive Gold and Sea Charm rewards for your tremendous efforts so blast away. Additionally, the more damage you do the more Bank Notes you will receive. These Bank Notes are exclusive to Cannon Defense and are used to buy more ammo. Beware: If the Bandits steal too much wealth, they'll also start taking your Bank Notes as well!

Cannon Defense can be replayed as many times as you like by both Basic and Unlimited Members, however, each instance will result in your Navy Cannon experience starting from Level 1. Basic Access Members can unlock up to the four ammo types and two ammo slots. Unlimited Access Members can receive all ammo types and four ammo slots.

TIP: Your Pirate's passive cannon skills like Shoot, Rapid Reload and Barrage will increase your rate of fire and damage in Cannon Defense. You can also use your Cannoneering potions to increase your chances of defeating the bandits. 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Shawdows Evolution, Jul 5, 10 9:12 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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